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Property: Peabody Road Please click to see the larger photos
City: Fairfield, CA
Status: Sold Out
Term: 36 Months
LTV: 54%
Interest to Participants: 9.25%
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This $4,750,000 loan is a first priority loan secured by approximately 18.93 acres of land located in Fairfield, California.

The Details:

  • The land has historically been used for agriculture and there are a number of residences and/or agricultural use buildings located on the east side of the property.
  • The property is located on the west side of Peabody Road and approximately 1,000’ north of Vanden Road.
  • The City of Fairfield has received approvals and funding to build a new train station and transit hub at the intersection of Peabody Road and Vanden Road.
  • The City of Fairfield is in the process of creating a development plan for the surrounding area, the Fairfield Station Specific Plan (FSSP).
  • A recent feasibility study anticipates that up to 169 residences could be built on the property if the FSSP is approved as it is currently conceived.
  • Investors will be initially be paid 9.25% interest and the interest rate for Investors will increase to 9.50% on September 1, 2008 and remain at that rate for the duration of the loan.