For over 15 years, the principals of Equity Bancorp have offered a wide range of trust deed investments. These investments provide opportunities for California residents who are looking to maximize their income with minimal risk.

When you invest with us, you will:

  • Experience a high rate of return by investing in real estate secured loans, backed by a recorded deed of trust.

  • Enjoy working with our qualified staff that has the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your investments.

  • Choose a specific trust deed to invest in. Your investment with Equity Bancorp is not a limited partnership, REIT or fund.

  • Receive your interest on a monthly basis over the course of your investment term.

  • Have the option of receiving payments via Direct Deposit.

  • Feel secure knowing that Equity Bancorp takes a financial stake in each of our trust deed investments.

Below are some details about our trust deed investment opportunities:

    To learn more about how secure investments opportunities offered by Equity Bancorp, Inc. can benefit your financial portfolio, please contact us today.
  • Once a loan has been funded, investors are presented with information regarding the loan, the property(ies), and the borrower(s) and can elect to participate on a loan-by-loan basis by purchasing promissory notes issued at stated interest rates collaterally secured by such loans.

  • Investors are not charged any "load" or “transaction fees” to invest. All of the investor's money works for them. Interest rates payable to the investors in previous Equity Bancorp loans have ranged from 8% to 13%.

  • Many of Equity Bancorp’s loans are secured by multiple properties to increase the security of the loan and many loans are backed by the personal guaranties of the borrowers.

  • Equity Bancorp invests in every loan. That’s why investors can rest assured that Equity Bancorp has a vested interest in making secure loans.

  • Equity Bancorp’s investments are subordinated to the client’s. When a loan is paid off, Equity Bancorp will receive its invested money only after all investors are paid in full.

  • Your investment can be vested in a variety of ways including a Family Trust, LLC, IRA Pension, etc.

  • Many clients utilize their retirement funds in our trust deed investments.